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At Wasatch Premier Holdings, we help make your dream of becoming a business owner a reality. Our representatives have helped secure over $120,000,000 in funding to help start, and grow, 4,000+ businesses and counting. With our ability to utilize and build credit, gaining access to the resources you need to start your business is only one-click away.


How the Process Works

Personalized Funding Manager

Our funding manager will help
you decide the best funding for
your current situation

Easy Application

Quick application to get in contact
with the right professional

Followup Call

Once funding is complete we are here to help with funding payoff.


No collateral
Flexible payment options


Maria H.

“I received $35,000 in funding to start my food truck! Even more than I needed. So grateful for the team at Wasatch.”

Katie H.

“I needed funds for an immediate expansion project. My bank couldn't approve me for a loan. Wasatch was able to approve me for over $40,000. I received all of the funds I needed for the project within 2 weeks. So thankful my friend Sarah referred me to you guys! Thank you!”

James J.

“Wasatch was able to secure me over $60,000 at 0% APR to help me start my trucking business. I’m thankful for Josh & the staff at Wasatch.”

Jared M.

“I obtained $84,700 at 0%! More than enough to complete my home renovation project. It wouldn’t have been possible without Kenny & the team at Wasatch! Thank you!”
4,000 +
Businesses funded
funding secured

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